What's Inspected

The following items are covered in your San Fernando Valley Home Inspection:

Electrical : Main panel, sub panels, outlets and lighting fixtures including GFCIs. attic and foundation electrical.
Plumbing : Kitchen, bathrooms, attic and foundations, Hot water heaters.
AC and heating : The type, condition and testing of the unit.
Attics : Structure, Ventilation, electrical, plumbing, insulation and ducts.
Roofs : Type and condition of roof, flashing, chimney, sky lights and gutters.
Foundation : Foundation and cripple walls, anchor bolts, posts and girders, sub flooring, electrical and plumbing.
Interior : Bars, ceiling fans, windows, walls, ceilings, fireplaces, stairs, and smoke detectors, flooring, doors and closets.
Kitchens : Cabinets, counters, GFCIs, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, disposals, venting, flooring, microwave and compactors.
Bathrooms : Cabinets, sinks, GFCIs, counters, fans, shower walls, plumbing, heating, toilets, and flooring.
Bedrooms : Flooring, walls, ceiling, windows, closets, smoke detectors, ceiling fans.
Grounds : Driveways, grading, vegetation, main gas meter, faucets, porches, balconys, water pressure, gates and fencing.
Exterior : Siding, stucco, paint, and eaves.
Garage : Fire walls, flooring, rafters, GFCIs, exterior and entry door, garage door, garage door opener and safety features.
Laundry rooms : Dryer vents, gas valves, GFCIs, wash basins, and plumbing.
Pools and spa's : Pumps, decks, heating, lights, gauges, structure, tile, timers and water fill units.