Flipping homes

Buyers beware: Contractors are buying up alot of homes. Using as little money as possible to fix up and sale. Not just materials, but labor too. I have done many inspections in the past year where the house looks to be in good condition. Did you know that if they replace a small portion of a drain line, they can say, "plumbing upgrade"? Even if the galvanized supply lines are at the end of there useful life. I have seen new roofs that were installed with no flashing, insulation in attics that has been soaked at one time and has lost all of its R value. Foundation accesses that were filled in with dirt. Bottom line, contractors know where  buyers won't go. They know how to install copper fittings through walls even though the rest of the supply lines are galvanized. Anything to save a buck! Be careful people, your dream house may turn into your worst nightmare.

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