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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
    No one wants to jump into an investment without finding out all there is to know about that investment. Buying a home is a big investment!
Thats where I come in. I am determined to perform any and all inspections with the upmost quality and integrity. I will make sure that you know and understand all of the facts about the property that you might purchase. I have done 2 to 3 inspections for the same client, at different properties, because once they get all of the facts about the home they can make an honest decision. One thing is for certain, there will not be any unwanted surprises.
    I also do inspections for sellers. I will provide a report that gives 100% full disclosure, with no worries of a buyer coming back and questioning anything regarding the property.

    The majority of my business is from client referrals and from real estate agent recommendations. I work directly for the client. After the report is finished, I encourage the client to call me with any questions regarding the property, whether it be days, weeks or months after the inspection.

    Your looking for a home inspector, thats a step in the right direction.           Image Detail               Image Detail

                                 818-523-5228        Fully insured with E & O and Liability with InspectorPro

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